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Spring/Summer 2022

Its all about body positivity, cut outs, negative shapes and a bold color pallet. Here are the colors you will see on the runaways and in the street.
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Hair Alchemy

by Oribe

Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum

Who It's For:

All hair types that are weak (whether it’s brittle, coarse, fine or fragile) and prone to breakage and hair fall.

Key Benefits:
+ Reinforces and strengthens fragile hair

+ Hydrates strands, locks in moisture

+ Forms a scaffold around each hair fiber

+ Prevents breakage and encourages length
+ Improves the tensile strength and elasticity
Spotlight Image 2

Sun Catcher

by R+Co

Leave-in Conditioner

Who It's For:

All hair types in need of protective nourishment, light hold and shine. Can be used on damp or dry hair, alone or layered beneath styling products to optimize their performance.

Key Benefits:
+ Protects from environmental + UV damage
+ Locks-in water for nourished + hydrated hair
+ High in amino acids to fortify + strengthen hair
+ Helps improve scalp circulation + strengthen hair
+ Softens + moisturizes to help prevent breakage
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