The Mile Long Scroll Project

The Mile Long Scroll is a vertical painting that will be made of 176 panels that connect end to end to create one continuous image. Each individual panel measures 4ft x 30ft. Sara Swoboda's work is a stream-of-consciousness format adding to the scroll every day like a journal which allows her to capture the moods of daily experiences and current events as they are happening. Working out of Portland, Oregon Sara started the project in 2019 and have depicted events such as covid, BLM, US elections, fires, heatwaves, mass shootings, war, and pop culture as well as personal experiences including the celebration of birth, mourning the loss of loved ones, healing trauma, and navigating the emotional tides of my romantic life. Sticking to my commitment, she has taken the scroll across Europe and the country, drawing in obscure places and transporting it by any means available. Ultimately, The Mile Long Scroll will be a timeline of her journey as an artist and documentation of the times we have collectively experienced.

Coming soon....