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Clipper Cut

$45-75 | 45 min
A timeless and classic hairstyle for those who prioritizes simplicity and neatness. This technique involves using clippers to achieve a uniform and closely cropped look, emphasizing clean lines and a well-defined shape. From a high skin fade to a short tapper, our barbers have you covered. A shampoo service can be added upon request.
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Scissor Cut

$65-85 | 60 min
For the dapper individual that exudes precision and style. This service involves using scissors to trim hair to a shorter length, creating a clean and polished look. A popular choice among individuals seeking a neat and well-groomed appearance. Complementary shampoo and style with each service.
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Scissor Cut

$75-95 | 75 min
A stylish and contemporary look that emphasizes length and flow. This technique utilizes scissors to trim and shape longer strands of hair, creating a look that is elegant and sophistication. This cut is known for its versatility, allowing for various styling options. Complementary shampoo and style with each service.
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