Rob Curry

Rob Curry

Rob Curry was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He has been drawing since he can remember and enjoys that it is a fun way to engage and relate to others. His love of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture led him to the Arizona State University College of Architecture and Environmental Design. His award- winning career as an architect has always been focused on sustainable design.

He has a passion for the creative process and especially loves that art is a universal language that can speak to everyone, anywhere.

His pictures are done with oil paints on canvas using palette knives and brushes. They capture your imagination and evoke an emotional response while also leaving spaces that invite you to “finish” the painting in your own way.

He is inspired by the numerous possible outcomes that can be achieved by the interplay of different compositional structures, forms, and colors. Patterns and shapes emerge and take on a life of their own as the images appear to move and dance in the changing light.

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