Park Ave Dreams

March 5, 2015

Eric Dayton


6 reasons why Park Ave will give you the Blow Out of your dreams

1. Enhances your natural hair texture without embracing your primal side.

2. Light hold that gives your hair smoother body than a bikini model.

3. Made with vitamin E so you can skip that kale and almond salad.

4. Jaw dropping stares that feel better than a new pair of pumps.

5. Hit the street with more confidence than Oprah.

6. Get a perfect, classic looking blow out every time.

Park Ave by R + Co.

For those of you who simply cannot bear to go out with anything less than perfectly blown-out hair, there is PARK AVE. It coats the hair to protect it and contains light hold for a little bit of body.

Watch the founder Howard demonstrate his awesomeness