Zero is Portland's first certified carbon neutral exhibit

August 11, 2021

Oranj Team

Portland-based artists Kanani Miyamoto and Eric Dayton collaborated over many months to prepare for their new woodblock installation project, Zero, which showcases the new approach to sustainability and alternative materials in art creation. Eric also presents his latest large scale flower paintings at this month’s show. All pieces are available via online auction with proceeds supporting ArtZero’s initial education and awareness programs.

In addition to the works on display, Kanani and Eric created a limited edition print: Red Cedar. This striking piece was made with all sustainable materials in a traditional Japanese woodblock printing process, and will be available for purchase exclusively through ArtZero. With every print purchased, ArtZero will donate 150 trees towards reforestation via One Tree Planted.

Eric, who is ArtZero’s founder, encourages all artists to change how they work—from materials choices to processes—to help us achieve a carbon neutral world by 2050. Aligned with the United Nations Climate Now initiative, ArtZero offers simple, practical ways to measure, reduce, and offset carbon emissions that occur in the creation and exhibition of artwork.

“Most artwork can be created to adopt carbon neutral practices when artists choose sustainable materials and practices that reduce their overall footprint. Part of ArtZero's mission is to catalog and provide access to these carbon-reducing materials and resources, and inspire artists to make the shift.”

Many artists already pay attention to their materials use and creative processes, and want to have a positive impact on our planet. With programs geared to raise awareness, ArtZero will connect with artists to help them find sustainable alternatives to reduce the carbon footprint of their work, and provide a pathway to carbon neutrality through partnerships with organizations like One Tree Planted.